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Can't grown ups bake on their own?

Day 11. Given my whining about self isolation; like some kind of reclusive hypocrite I'm now getting a little nervous about being able to (sort of) go out again. But at the same time planning a once in a lifetime level celebration about the prospect of going to Tesco's. Yeah I know. Bizarre.

Had to turn the volume down a lot today. Screechy McNoise house was loud. LOUD. Which is always helpful when I'm working all day. And by working I mean trying to piece together the ruins of my once flourishing career...

There was some family singing though. Magical. Unless, like me, you're secretly wishing they'd shut their Von Trapps so I can crisis manage in peace...

But magical. Totally.

No pictures please

Barney is now resistant to being photographed in various hooligan like states. He thinks he's on Daily Bumps with thousands of viewers and all his fans' parents will frown upon the questionable role model he has become. So he's mitigating reputational damage. Yeah. The seven people reading this will create a social media storm about you being on the naughty step again for sure kid...

So I photographed the one who isn't wise enough to object yet. Here she is, washing her hands. You're welcome.

Being the all powerful suburbia winning super mum I am, I decided we'd do some more baking today. Because the kids love baking don't they and it means I look like I'm winning at this self isolation shit and all my friends will applaud my holding it all together AND creating culinary masterpieces in such trying times.

Barney flat refused to boring-bake and I overheard Isla say to Andy "can't grown up's bake on their own?"

Throw me a bone here kids?!

Situationally Inspired Turd Cakes

Anyway I forced her because of suburbia winning super mum etc and we created the most spectacular "situationally inspired" turd cakes I've ever seen.

Alarm bells rang a bit when the usually pink loving Isla asked me "what colour does brown and black mixed together make?" Again, in manner of winning super-mum being mindful of the delicacies of childrens' mental health currently, I answered "the colour of mummy's soul sweetheart, why?"

Anyone else on hold to various government and financial institutions CONSTANTLY? My life now comes with hold music. Why couldn't I be a medical professional? Stable income, and hero status. Damn you creative flair and has-the-ability-but-lacks-concentration school reports.

Quick question...why are my jeans even tighter?

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