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Another fine mess...

I haven't done any blogging before. Keep meaning to. So starting at the single worst time of my Photography career seems sensible.

I'm self employed. Which as it turns out isn't so much fun when a global pandemic runs riot and the government have accidentally forgotten to figure you into any bail out plans for the countries employed masses. Thanks Boris and chums. (Expletives)

In addition, the lions share of my partners income (lets call him 'Andy') comes from monthly group sporting events, teaching watt bike classes, and Personal Training. All that, along with the majority of my photography bookings disappeared last week. Overnight.

We've been a lot of fun to be around since then... (for 'a lot of fun to be around' read 'drunk')

And now, ever the attention seeker, our youngest child has developed a persistent cough and an elevated temperature. Not yet a fever. She'll probably get to that.

And just like that, we're housebound for 14 days+. She asked me earlier if it was Christmas yet. Quite love.

So this is Self Isolation; Day One.

Given I'm an obsessive picture taker, and I'm unable to take pictures of anything but my immediate surroundings currently, I've decided to document whatever the hell this journey turns out to be over the coming days and weeks. If I have to suffer a confined space for a sustained period with this lot, then so do you. So if you ever wondered what housebound, slightly unhinged and sometimes inebriated parenting looks on.

Where am I going today?

Isla is four. She owns us all. She's my joy and my punishment in equal measure. She's me. Reincarnated. Hence 'punishment'. Every day, almost as soon as she wakes up she asks 'where am I going today?'. Not keen on today's answer of 'nowhere love' (ever again) she dispatched a quick and cruel kick to her brothers 'nuggets'. So that's something for him to look forward to every day for the next millennia or so.

Home school. Nobodies fool

Barney, aged eight, annoyingly requires some schooling and daily structure and such like. So lucky for me given I haven't got to rebuild a career or anything, I'm also now a teacher, a preschool teacher (apparently they have different needs, eye roll), a chef, and a bare knuckle fight compere. After a fairly strong start to the day (thanks Joe Wicks), the McWalsh School of Hard knocks suffered an early set back with a dreadfully piss poor lava lamp science experiment followed by a staff emergency around lunchtime (an allergic reaction to children). So we've had an extended outdoor PE lesson this afternoon consisting of trampoline fighting (soon to feature in the Olympics), gardeners hour (watching Daddy trim the hedges), and freestyle JuLMAN (Just Leave Mummy Alone Now).

And so begins our life of temporarily changed adventures, at home. Whatever could go wrong?...

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Mar 24, 2020

Love it & they are growing up fast Gill, great photos. Keep up the good workout gang with Jo x


Mar 24, 2020

Gill, this is brilliant, totally cr@p timing but really well written and I just love your pics. Keep your chin up, we’ll get through this. Hope Isla is no worse today? Xx

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